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What makes Physiology so daunting? I believe the answer lies in the teaching style. That’s why I have made my entire focus on you – the student. Your learning style, your ideas, your creativity, and your thought process. Go on – Try it for free, learn now and don’t forget to share!

Actin and Myosin on Half Laptop Screen

Professor Roofs is awesome! He is so willing to help ANYONE! I found him through some youtube videos he posted for his class and they actually helped me to get A’s at my university, too! I requested more help from him online and he sent me lengthy emails to answer my questions. Wow, a professor who really cares and a super-nice guy! Thanks! 🙂

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Blood Pressure | Why so much hype?

Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood against the walls of the circulatory system. The circulatory system is not just your arteries, but also your veins and heart. However, we most commonly measure blood pressure in your …

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Blood Pressure Medication Recall by the FDA | Learn More

Blood pressure medication recall currently is causing a media frenzy. People are rushing online to see if there is a recall for their blood pressure medication. With 1 in 3 adults having hypertension (high blood pressure), everyone knows someone with hypertension. When you hear about a recall, it is very important to…

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